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Sportive vacation of your dream in Florida

Florida is the world’s best location for aquatic sports, and it offers some exceptional conditions, from its  tropical climat to its stunning water.
Come join us in West Palm Beach, in our dream house! The deck, boat, and water is directly in front of the garden....A little paradise...
Waterskiing, wakeboard, barefoot, what ever your sport and your level, you will have a team of professionals coachs for you, friendly and understanding.
You will have a choice of different formulas to fit everyones level, from the pro to the simple lovers of sun and slides.
For us, pleasure is more important than performance, but if your pleasure is performance : you wont be disappointed!...
8 persons max per week for a warm and friendly ambiance. If you are just coming along and don't want to participate in the activities, don't worry, because there are many other possible things to do.
We can propose you different activities with a theme (free fall, diving, fishing, etc) at the same time.
So, are you ready for one week of extreme sports under the sun and the palm trees of Florida?
With DreamSport USA treat yourself to an unforgettable week with some attractive prices.

 Slide weeks Réserver mon séjour sur dreamsport-usa

Waterskiing (slalom or bi), wakeboard, wakeskate, wakesurf, barefoot : everything is possible what ever your level. A ski boat and a wakeboard boat are at your disposition, pick your sport or try them all.....
The weeks are usually from Sunday to Sunday or from Saturday to Saturday (nothing is impossible, we can adapt as long as it is decided ahead of time).
The sportive part of the week is from Monday to Friday, that is five days with room and meals included. For the last 2 days (generally the first one and the last one), the room is included but not the meals.
Typical day of a slide week

Awake at 9 am (this time can be modified according to the
guest desire)
9.30 am : Breakfast
Warmup , followed by some floor gymnastic (of the sport of
your choice)
10 am : departure for the water
12.30 pm : light lunch, debriefing of the morning.
2.00 pm : departure for the water
5.00 pm : return. Streching, jacuzzi, relaxation
7.30 pm : debriefing of the day. Cocktails
8.00 pm : dinner BBQ
The surroundings

West Palm Beach is not only a beach with white sand and turquoise water, but also has a multitude of water canals for the boats.
Which allows you to travel by car and also by boat.
Waterskiing, jet ski and all the other extreme sports are alowed.
Palm trees, waterlilies, iguanas, manatees, and the sub-tropical wildlife will be a pleasant change of scenery.
Multi-activities week Réserver mon séjour sur dreamsport-usa

DreamSport USA  proposes not only extreme water sport activities but also some great sensational sports like : free fall, diving (the best spots in Florida), off-shore boating, sport fishing, and many others....
If you prefer a more traditional sport, you will have a choice of tennis, golf, horse back riding, windsurf, etc...
If you want you can choose a multi-acitivities week where all the options are possible, including an evening concert (or basket ball game), a private plane ride (go and return to the Keys or the Bahamas)
There is the possibility to rent a motorcycle (Harley Davidson), sports cars, ( Ferrari, Lamborghini,etc) or even some more accessible cars like the Ford Mustand, or the Camaro SS.
The « Wake by Jet » weeks Réserver mon séjour sur dreamsport-usa

To open the 2011/2012 season, you can opt for a week of Wakeboard or Wakeskate towed by a “Wake Edition” Jet Ski.
It’s the same as a regular week’s riding with the advantages of a Jet Ski : a regular & specific speed (thanks to the  Perfect Pass), fast rider recuperation, more time spent riding and more tries (perfect for rails), and finally a very attractive rate of only 999€ for the week.
You’ll really make the most of the 5 rails out on the lakes… And at only 20 minutes from our home, those who are keen to try can enjoy cable wakeboard
Health week Réserver mon séjour sur dreamsport-usa

DreamSport USA also proposes a health week to get back in shape, at certain times of the year.

Each week there will be a different theme : yoga, fitness, zen, etc...
Semaine "La Floride à moto"

Partez à la découverte de la Floride en Harley-Davidson.
En petit groupe, effectuez un parcours de rêve jalonné d'activités extraordinaires. Naviguez à bord d'un off shore, pilotez une Lamborghini et une Aston Martin, glissez sur les Everglades en airboat (hydroglisseur), chevauchez un jet ski, rencontrez des dauphins, découvrez le ski nautique et le wakeboard, le tout, en une semaine inoubliable à travers la Floride.
La Floride à moto

During the Slide weeks and Multi-activities weeks, you have the possibility( optional) to be coached by a physical trainer for your personal needs including nutritional advice...

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